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Galyn Wiemers, author
Galyn Wiemers, is the founder of Generation Word Bible Teaching Ministry and is listened to in over 25 countries on CD including Pakistan, England and Japan.  His podcasts and online teaching are used in over 60 countries.  His podcasts can be heard at Generation Word Podcast or downloaded from itunes. Galyn began teaching and coaching in the public high schools in 1983 and is currently a middle school shop teacher and a Bible teaching pastor in Iowa.  Galyn and his wife Toni have been married for 25 years and have six sons.

Jennifer Ruisch, editor

Jennifer Ruisch is the author of Faith and the City, a personal narrative of being a directionless college grad trying to make it in the big city. The story itself chronicles the author's struggle to reenter the land of the living and figure out how she fit into the picture with people from every religion and background imaginable.

Tim Vaniman, editor

Tim Vaniman provided his insight and diligence to the editing process of the lengthy and intense text of Framework for Christian Faith. His careful reflection and inquiry style of a student makes this single volume encyclopedia efficient and accurate.

Clint Hansen, artist      see illustrations HERE

Clint Hansen’s work ethic is reflected in these words, “I try to go the extra mile. I don’t mind long hours. I like a challenge, and I love to please the client.” His experience as an art director gives him an understanding of a designer’s task and the need to accurately accomplish it. He also acquired a great respect for the design process during this time, recognizing that “a strong sense of design is necessary for a powerful image.” He enjoys working with art directors who strive for nothing short of the “perfect printed piece.” Clint considers a “clean” scratchboard to be his illustrative trademark because it allows for quick turnaround and prints cleanly. Clint feels scratchboard offers many aesthetic rewards, as well. “There is no black-and-white medium that can match scratchboard for its richness of line and texture and the ability to create a mood or dramatic ‘punch,’” the artist notes. An extraordinary student, he graduated from Iowa State University Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in graphic design in just three years. He counts Banana Republic, Disney, Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian, Heinz, and Zebco among his prestigious client list. He is also well known for the 1995 and 1996 commemorative Olympic 50 cent coins he created for the U.S. Mint.

Paul Blaser, photographer   some photos here

Paul Blazer found photography as an art student 13 years ago while searching for a medium to focus his creative energy on. He quickly became the new teachers pet, and loving the darkroom so much even began some work for him. With a graphic arts and studio background inevitably mixing with new digital technology the focus became clear. Combining the two would make for a very successful business and very fast.  Together with friend and coworker Amy Cummings, a studio with an artistic vision was created just three years ago. Shocking to most photographers and suppliers, the studio grew from a consultation table in Paul’s apartment to a high end 25 weddings and 175 high school senior and family sessions before year one was over. With the addition of 3 major talents and the previous year’s success, only one direct mailer was sent to high school seniors to book the entire year’s limit of 275. In weddings, Paul’s ‘best of both worlds’ approach of blending creative traditional with emotionally charged photojournalistic images make such an impact that ‘word of mouth’ is the main form of advertising. Paul and the studio have become so sought after in the area, friends in the industry are requesting the secrets behind the studio’s rapid success.

 Emily Greazel, graphic designer

 Phil Nanzetta, printer

Signature Book Printing is located at 8041 Cessna Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.  Phil can be reached by email at
They manufacture a wide range of books, some for public sale and some for the internal use of associations, corporations, and government entities. They manufacture books in virtually all categories, from self-published poetry and novels to high quality coffee table books.



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