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  "Hope For America's Last Generation"

Could This Really Be America's Last Generation?
In his simple, pragmatic style, teacher Galyn Wiemers describes the history of mankind from Genesis to Revelation - explaining how we ended up where we are today and the steps we must take if we want to avoid God's judgment on our nation. Galyn's approach does not include the familiar call for more Christans to evangelize; but it does include a call for people of all faiths to return to morality and renew their respect for institutions designed by God - individual responsibility, marriage, family, government, and nationality.

If Americans understand what God requires from a culture, and what he does to a culture that fails to meet his requirements, we can make changes to ensure that our generation doesn't become America's last.

Subjects Explained in this book

  • Four Generations Cycle as Seen in Scripture
  • God's Timeline for Human History
  • Ten Times Revealed by God
  • Eternal Rewards
  • The Role of Secular Humanism in our Country
  • The Current Spiritual Awakening
  • The Fourth Generation - 2001-2040
  • Past Cultures that have Collapsed
  • Character Traits of the Generations
  • Five Cycles of National Judgment
  • The Sin of the Fathers
  • The Fourth Generation Prophets
  • The Meaning of the Seven Kingdom Parables
  • The Gates of Hades and the Church
  • The Significance of the Seven Churches
  • The Terrorist’s Eventual Fate
  • America’s Moral Collapse of 1790
  • Clergy, the Savage Wolves
  • The Cycles of Judgment on America

Review these samples from the book:

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Confusion 
Chapter 12: The Return of Elijah
Chapter 26: What Should We Do?

Charts and Graphics from Book


Galyn’s insight is guaranteed to open up scripture in a way that connects world history and the voice of God to our culture and our lives right now.  The Bible will come alive and readers will experience the encouragement they are seeking.

Coming trends and spiritual struggles that our culture is about to face are addressed along with coming prophetic events.  In addition, the charts and diagrams make this book something you will want to keep available for reference and study to guide you through the next 40 years
of American history.



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