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                  Framework for Christian Faith

Concerning the new book Framework for Christian Faith Steve Deace said:

"This is an extensive yet compact reference tool that every Christian who wants to take
his or her faith seriously on an intellectual level needs to own. It's something that can
be referred to again and again as we heed Paul's command to "be transformed by the
renewing of your mind." If you're a critical thinker looking for the necessary research
that will prepare you to engage your faith in pluralistic society, this book is for you.
In an age where "my people perish for lack of knowledge" and intellectualism has been all
but jettisoned from the modern American church, Galyn is a welcome contrarian."

-Steve Deace, WHO 1040 AM, Deace in the Afternoon

Text and Images on CD

Use the CD that accompanies this book to access the text and images in the book Framework for Christian Faith.

The CD on the inside of the back cover of this book includes:

  • The entire text and all the images in a word .doc
  • The entire text and all the images in a pdf file
  • A file of sharp, clear jpg images of all the diagrams, maps, photos and illustrations
  • Internet links to the Generation Word website, Generation Word Bible school with audio classes and online study tools
  • Information to contact Galyn Wiemers

All of the images and text from this book can be copied and pasted into your own study material, teaching lessons or class handouts.

Don’t forget to visit for free access to audio and video of Galyn teaching through this book plus additional online notes and links

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